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The Tuscan cuisine is simple and based on genuine foods like bread (baked in a wood oven and without salt) and olive oil (for which our region is famous all over the world). We can not forget the local foods prepared with fresh fish caught from the Mediterranean Sea as the Cacciucco: there are many legends about, but the most likely tells of fishermen returning from fishing day joined the unsold fish, that was trapped in the nets and on bottom of the boat and the cooked, telling sea stories. There are other legends, even the most learned: the name Cacciucco seems to be of Turkish origin, Kuçuk, which means small, relative to the fish that are used for fish soup; or of Spanish origin, cahuco, which means fish. Currently Cacciucco served hot as a main dish with toasted slices of bread rubbed with garlic and of course accompanied by a glass of Tuscan red wine not too full-bodied like a young chianti. Tuscan cuisine has followed over time a path of modernization and enrichment but without abandoning the old ways.

Because we love to help and advise the customer, we offer a select list of restaurants in the surrounding areas of the hotel where you can enjoy a part of Tuscany. We will be happy to recommend the restaurant for you.

  • RISTORANTE BAGNI TRIESTE - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586377790
  • RISTORANTE LA TAVERNETTA - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586761135
  • RISTORANTE LA BANCHISA - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586769227
  • RISTORANTE LO SCOGLIETTO - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586767962
  • TRATTORIA DA ALDO - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586760368
  • RISTORANTE TIENTIBENE - Rosignano Solvay: +39 3313737069
  • RISTORANTE VISTA MARE - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586762289
  • OSTERIA IL SIGILLO - Rosignano Marittimo: +39 0586764737
  • RISTORANTE DA NONNA ISOLA - Castiglioncello: +39 0586753800
  • RISTORANTE STATION GALLERY - Castiglioncello: +39 0586752505
  • RISTORANTE IL CARDELLINO - Castiglioncello: +39 0586753618
  • RISTORANTE FRATELLI CATARSI - Vada: +39 0586788279
  • BRASSERIE LA BARCACCINA - Vada: +39 0586788215
  • FRANTOIO IL CASONE - Vada: +39 0586786162

Some refreshment or supermarkets where to find something for your day at the beach:

  • GASTRONOMY - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586764570
  • HAPPY BURGER - Castiglioncello: +39 0586759026
  • MINIMARKET NONNO BURGAS - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586763351
  • SUPERMARKET COOP - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586794310
  • SUPERMARKET CONAD - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586764700
  • SUPERMARKET dico - Rosignano Solvay: +39 0586764034